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Our Consulting Division project teams work with real clients to produce real results.

Every quarter, Prism's Consulting Division leads three different consulting engagements with clients ranging from nonprofits to start-ups to corporations. Our members gain a breadth of exposure to different industries, develop a diverse array of skillsets tailored towards accomplishing each of our clients' objectives, and form a tight-knit network of peers in the broader university community.


Projects typically last eight to nine weeks (both to simulate real-life engagement timelines and to accommodate the university's quarter system) and often require several components — everything from market research to data analytics and excel modeling.

We equip our consultants with the skills they need to hit the ground running.

Upon joining our Consulting Division, new consultants go through a rigorous New Member Training covering the fundamentals of deck-building, excel modeling, data analysis, and primary and secondary research. The skills our consultants develop through NMT enable them to hit the ground running when staffed on their first client project.

The work our consultants do is instrumental in driving specific impact for our clients. From day one, new consultants have the opportunity to take ownership of key deliverables.

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