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Consulting Division
Prism's Consulting Division gives members tangible consulting experience
Our Consulting project teams work with real clients to produce real results

Prism Consulting Group — Consulting Division

Every quarter, Prism's Consulting Division leads three different consulting engagements with clients ranging from nonprofits to start-ups to corporations. Our members gain a breadth of exposure to different industries, develop a diverse array of skillsets tailored towards accomplishing each of our clients' objectives, and form a tight-knit network of peers in the broader university community.


Projects typically last eight to nine weeks (both to simulate real-life engagement timelines and to accommodate the university's quarter system) and often require several components — everything from market research to data analytics and excel modeling.

Prism Consulting Group — Our Clients
Prism has led engagements with more than 100 clients ranging from corporations to start-ups to nonprofits.
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Client Subset 01
We've tackled everything from cost restructuring to pricing strategy for several of our larger corporate clients.

Past Clients

Client Subset 02
Start-Ups &
Small Businesses
We've helped several of our start-up and small business clients achieve operational efficiency as they expand their earnings potential.

Past Clients

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Client Subset 03
Education &
Prism has led several social impact projects with various nonprofit clients and educational institutions.

Past Clients

“Prism’s professionalism, dedication and proficient analysis of industry best practices were commendable. Despite the complexity of the agricultural landscape, the Prism team was able to quickly grasp a clear understanding of the industry to provide some valuable insights about our customer value proposition and we have incorporated their recommendations into our plans. I highly recommend Prism to anyone who is seeking to push new boundaries for valuable insights.”

Orlando Saez, CEO
Aker Technologies

“I have worked with Prism for 3 months, and we were all amazed by their professionalism, data-driven analysis, and hard work. As a Marketing Manager of a fast-growing start-up, I'm very busy with new market expansion. Prism's market research is exactly what we need, and really helps us ensure the direction of our business wants to go in the future. I highly recommend Prism Consulting — just talk to them, and let them show you what they can accomplish."

Chun Rong, PM Manager

“Working with Prism Consulting was a phenomenal experience. I'd recommend Prism to any business in need of actionable recommendations but short on strategic, internal resources to take on a large project. As a former Big 4 management consultant, I had high expectations regarding the caliber of insights the team would bring, and was still blown away by their ability to take a relatively vague service line innovation prompt and drive it to realistic business recommendations.”

Jon Repka, VP of Sales

We equip our consultants with the skills they need to hit the ground running.

Prism Consulting Group — Consultant Experience

Upon acceptance to the Consulting Division, our consultants go through a separate four-week New Member Training (NMT) to learn the fundamentals of deck-making, excel modeling, primary and secondary research, and client interaction. The skills our consultants develop through NMT enable them to hit the ground running when staffed onto their first project.

The work our consultants do is instrumental in driving impact for our clients. New consultants are typically staffed on a specific workstream and have the opportunity to take ownership of key deliverables for our client updates. See below for a sample timeline of a typical project.

Week 1
Initial client meeting to align on check-in timeline and deliverable expectations; begin primary and secondary research.
Week 3
Extract key insights; begin building out a slide deck for the interim update with the client.
Week 5
(If applicable) Analyze relevant survey data and conduct interviews with industry experts and/or professionals; incorporate into slides.
Week 7
Review project scope to check for completeness and begin building out a slide deck for the final client presentation.
Week 2
Analyze client data; begin strategizing methods for gathering additional information if needed (i.e., surveys and expert interviews).
Week 4
Mid-point check-in with the client; realign on where to steer the project and make adjustments to project scope as needed.
Week 6
3/4 checkpoint meeting with the client; confirm structure of final deliverable and align on any remaining project work to be completed.
Week 8
Finish building out the final slide deck; final client presentation.
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