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About Us
We are UChicago's largest and most active consulting organization.

Prism started out as a training program in 2009 with a mission to provide a comprehensive experience for anyone interested in learning the type of problem-solving and critical thinking skills required for consulting case interviews.​ We began collaborating with management consulting firms to arrange case interview competitions and provide learning opportunities for students.

In 2012, we established our Consulting Division.

Over the years, we have helped over 100 clients, ranging from startups to nonprofits to corporations, achieve operational efficiency, alleviate critical pain points, and accelerate growth. ​Today, we are the college's largest and most active consulting RSO. Every quarter, we reaffirm our commitment to providing a platform for University of Chicago students to learn about and practice management consulting through our comprehensive training program, pro bono engagements, and case competitions. Ultimately, our work has enabled us to position ourselves as one of the premier undergraduate consulting organizations on campus.


Our distinct
culture fosters
our success.

Prism is defined by three guiding principles:


Friendliness First. Our culture is defined by friendliness; we embrace openness and work to develop strong ties both in and out of Prism. 


For Everyone. Prism offers programming for every level of curiosity and dedication to consulting. Our goal is to be able to engage every student across campus who has expressed an interest in consulting.

Excellence Always. Every member of Prism is here for the experience, not just to fill space on a resume. We take great pride in our work and serve first and foremost our clients and the broader UChicago community.

Explore our divisions

Prism has three distinct divisions, each designed to make consulting as accessible as possible to students in The College.
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