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Case Competitions
Tackle fictional client problems and network with top consulting firms

Prism Consulting Group — Case Competitions

Prism hosts case competitions with top consulting firms like Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Accenture, and EY-Parthenon. These competitions enable students to enhance their casing skills, network with consultants in a professional environment, and prepare for success in their job searches and career development processes.

Separately, we also host case interview competitions; these competitions typically take place on Saturdays, lasting from morning to afternoon, with a brief company presentation, two rounds of interviews, and an awards ceremony. Students are judged by consultants from the partner firm on their ability to complete a one-on-one case interview. Winners receive awards such as invitations to networking dinners or first-round interviews for internships.


Both competition formats are excellent experiences for students in all years of their undergraduate studies, and they provide an important foundation for Prism’s partnerships with major consulting firms. 

Our case competitions provide students with networking opportunities and tangible casing exposure.
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