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Consulting Bootcamp
Prepare for consulting recruiting with our four-week, interactive Bootcamp series

Prism Consulting Group — Consulting Bootcamp

Twice every academic year, Prism offers a four-week Consulting Bootcamp series. The program is designed to introduce students to management consulting with sessions on types of consulting case questions, how to crack case interviews, and more.

Over the course of four weeks, participants learn about market sizing strategies and get to practice guesstimate questions. Different kinds of cases and relevant analysis frameworks are discussed and our mentors go over real case prep material published by prestigious consulting firms. Prism's Consulting Bootcamp is recommended to any and all students who wish to obtain a better understanding of the consulting industry and the recruitment process of consulting firms. No experience or prior knowledge is required; we simply look for genuine interest and motivation to learn when evaluating applications.

Applications for out Bootcamp are considered simultaneously with applications to our Consulting Division.

Our Consulting Bootcamp engages students with management consulting and case interviews.
Lesson 01
Industry Overview
Learn about consulting full-time, a consultant's work-life balance, and what they actually do; learn about the industry landscape, the largest firms, and different types of consulting; see what the recruiting process looks like generally, and who recruits at UChicago; understand networking and its importance in the recruiting process.
Lesson 03
Case Frameworks
Learn about market sizing questions and how to structure the analysis; learn the different types of case questions and how you choose an adaptable framework; master the profit-loss framework and learn ways to customize the framework; see a case interview and the steps necessary for a successful case.
Lesson 02
Behaviorals 101
Learn about the types of consulting interviews and their different purposes; learn the most basic behavioral interview questions and how to tackle each one; see and practice behavioral questions and receive feedback from veteran interviewers; begin to understand what a case interview is an how to tackle one.
Lesson 04
Practice Casing
Apply your newfound expertise by engaging in two practice cases; receive feedback from peers and upperclassmen on your strengths and areas for improvement; find out about consulting resources and best practices/next steps to prepare for consulting recruiting after completing the Consulting Bootcamp.
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